Energy Severing Spell

⚡ This spell is used to sever ties or connections to someone else or an object. This was made using the Grimoire Spread here and figuring it out from my Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck from The Light Gray Art Lab

Materials needed:

  • Sacrificial item used to represent the holder of the negative relation
  • Knife or small object to stab
  • Blood or color which represents life
  • Candle
  • Nighttime

Find or make an object representing the thing holding you back (person, bad habit, object, etc). This does not have to be a personal belonging, mainly your interpretation of them.

Grab the rest of the items and light your candle to start. Make sure to be comfortably alone without anything to bother. Use the sharp object to draw some blood (or a color without blood) and draw a circle on the object. Take a moment to think about this life without the negativity holding you back with some deep breathes.

Then break that connection by stabbing in the middle of the circle you made. This will ground that final thought. Proceed to take this object away from visual sights, whether you have to toss, bury, burn, whatever works best for the situation. Go back to the candle and make it unlit, and deliver the final ‘blow’ towards the negativity. Allow this to dissipate like smoke and vanish.

Disclaimer: Make sure to be safe while doing this! Feel free to make adjustments to better suit especially alternatives to blood.

Introduction Post

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Hello! My name is Cat or Skyler, whichever someone prefers. I finished putting my own witchcraft posts at the moment on here, and soon I’ll do my artwork as well!

I was known as either thehumancat or themagickcat on Tumblr and on my contact page shows where else I am located. I hope that I can get to know some of you lovely people as well!

I’m 23 and use she/her and they/them pronouns. I’m an eclectic witch that does green, hedge, art, divination, energy, and spirit crafts mainly. I work with Hekate, Athene, Apollo, and The Morrighan. 
I live over on the west side of the US and love it.

Outside of my witchcraft, I love to make art! This includes sketches, doodles, finished pieces and various other things. I don’t really do characters unless asked, mainly backgrounds and icons. I am very gushy about my doggo Treena. 

Otherwise I am very happy to move around and make new friends along the way.

Witchcraft Progress Spread


Here is a spread to check up on your witchcraft, maybe you are stuck and need a little guidance. This can also be used for those starting a new craft and this is something with a little direction to start onwards towards what you want.

Based off this post here during the Month of Spreads 2 challenge! Using the Cosmos Tarot and Oracle deck by The Light Gray Lab to create the spread.

1. What makes the practice comfortable or stable?

2. What might be some mysteries or secrets that have yet to be uncovered?

3. Is there a way to improve without being overwhelmed or too narrow minded?

If anyone uses this, please let me know and credit me! I want to see what other people think and help them out in some way or another.   


Originally posted 28 November 2018

Healing Magic – Energy Healing

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This is a more in-depth guide for energy healing, which I explained very briefly in this post here.

Doing these techniques will not solve every problem with the body, it mainly helps aid the body towards being it’s most normal state for the individual body.(That can be abled, non-abled, etc)

What is energy and how to use it for healing:

  • Energy is everywhere and can not be destroyed or created. It will only change forms based on the circumstances around. Healing with energy is essentially changing energy which affects the body negatively and replacing it with energy that is better for the individual. 

That being said, because people’s energies are so varied and differs from each other, be sure to experiment and see what works well for you vs. others. You could do one type of energy healing for others and it doesn’t do much for yourself.

First thing to really do is figure out what kind of energy you have. Does it feel like ribbons or is it a mass of bubbles? Is it easy to play with in your hands or does it feel like you are carrying a massive weight around? 

But how do you figure it out?

  • Trial and error, honestly. Play around with various exercises with energy and see how you feel about it. If it feels right to you, then it is probably right. Assigning a type or expectation of what your energy is like will more likely than not mess you up when you are trying to do energy work or healing. 
  • Some energy exercises better explained by these lovely folks! 
  • lesbianslovewitches (xrainy-day-witchcraft(xtorque-witch (x)

  • Sometimes one can find out by intuition or other senses, other times someone else can tell you how it felt to them. It can be useful for others to explain how it felt can help for those who are not visual people (aphantastic). Or in general because you might express yourself differently energy wise to others. (ex. I see space + other things for myself vs. one person seeing solid colors like red/orange)

  • Energy does change over time, so what it is now might not be exactly the same at the present moment. Knowing the main parts of your energy however will help in many cases. Where you can tell if you can help someone else out without your energy conflicting with theirs. Or if you need energy different methods for yourself versus others. (I do a combo of astral + energy work for me and more hands on energy for others)

Once you get a better hang of what your energy is like, test healing on yourself for a couple weeks or even a month. If you feel dizzy or overwhelmed, try grounding and connecting to another source of energy. This can be much easier for anyone, regardless if you are or not adept with energy working.

When doing this, you can use anything that helps guide the energy to top/bottom, bottom/top of the body. It can be your hands, a phone, imagery, a branch, whatever is easiest for you to use. There can be many ways that energy can feel to a person, though for me the most sensations I’ve felt is heat, coolness, tingling, sometimes even nothing. So go along your body and see what needs more attention than others (ex. injuries, old pains, muscle aches, tension, etc). This process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes or more, especially if this is newer for you. Once you are done relax and have some water to replenish the body.

Perhaps making small notes of what the body feels like after healing yourself can help to see what needs to be improved or modified. Otherwise healing via energy work is very pliable and easy to work around the individual person’s type of energy.

If you want to practice on others (family, friends, spirits, animals, etc), please keep in mind consent consent CONSENT. Do not pressure someone into getting a healing if they initially refused. The result will make the healing slightly botched and mess up things more inconveniently for the recipient. It’s a matter of ego versus the comfort level of the individual getting the healing. Be respectful of their choices.

This is not a replacement for medical treatment, it’s only a tool which can help in conjunction to medical help. 


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Originally posted 21 November 2018

Magic Gloves


This is an idea I’ve had for a year or more. Where instead of wands or other familiar tools for witchcraft, something more hands on. Thus, magic gloves.

This can be very helpful for various actions in witchcraft:

  • Snapping, clapping, physical sounds
  • Storing extra energy and can enchant other items
  • Discreet and can easily pass as mundane
  • Color magic for different purposes
  • Add on decorations for other craft types
  • Super customizable to the individual
  • Protection (mundane and magical)
  • Adding small pockets to store other items (crystals, sigils, leaves, etc)

If there are other suggestions let me know! I’ll update the list periodically.

And anyone uses this, please let me know and credit me!


Originally posted on 20 November 2018